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Christiansted is a fascinating city rich in history and vibrant with different cultures, activities and cuisine. Residents of Christiansted have every opportunity to live, work and play in one of the most interesting cities in the Virgin Islands. Christiansted’s modern amenities definitely place it among the most progressive areas of St. Croix, and residents are centrally located so they can access the island’s finest features.

Christiansted real estate comes in a range of options, from ocean view homes, modern condos, and historic properties to luxury estates and typical suburban housing. There are a lot of home buyers that really have their hearts set on the homes for sale in Christiansted, and they are doing their best to make that come true. There’s definitely no reason to delay the chance to look at Christiansted real estate.

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With a population of approximately 3,300 residents, Christiansted is the largest city on Saint Croix. Residents of Christiansted welcome thousands of visitors and tourists from all over the world. Historically, the city was founded in 1733 and once the capital city of the Danish West Indies, and there are many historic sites and architecturally significant buildings throughout the community. Of course, Dutch, French, British, Spanish, African and American influences are felt in every facet of this multi-national city, giving residents a unique atmosphere that they love.

Christiansted is located its own quarter in the northern central part of Saint Croix. With well-developed commercial and business districts, it is definitely an economic hub for the island as well. The hotel district is always bustling and the restaurants throughout the city are world class. Major roads that get residents in and out of Christiansted include King Street, Hospital Street and Christiansted Bypass, among others.

There are many things for residents to see and do in Christiansted. History comes alive in many parts of the city, especially the Christiansted National Historic Site, with places like Fort Christiansvern, Steeple Building, Danish West India & Guinea Company Warehouse, Scale House and Danish Custom House. Residents can enjoy a walking tour of the city as well. Other attractions in Christiansted include Christiansted Harbor, Gallows Bay, Protestant Cay, D. Hamilton Jackson Park, and much more.

The residents of Christiansted don’t always focus on the tourist attractions and entertainment options. When it comes to the community amenities of Christiansted, residents have a lot to love. Public schools are managed by the Saint Croix School District and there are many shops, restaurants, houses of worship, and small businesses to provide residents with what they need. With more commercial development in the Christiansted area, residents are seeing the benefits of a diversified economy that is still heavily based in tourism and service.

It’s not easy for home buyers to choose what kind of community they live in, but that’s the best part of Christiansted real estate. Not only are the homes for sale in Christiansted the best of the best, but home buyers know that this outstanding city will always do its best. It’s always a good time to check out Christiansted real estate.